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UFO: Contact from the Pleiades 40th Anniversary

EXOPOLITICAL IMPLICATION of…UFO: Contact from the Pleiades

An examination of the impact of an extraterrestrial reality upon the social, governmental and theological institutions of planet Earth’s human culture.

A Personal note…

This classic study in ‘exopolitics’; the notoriously controversial saga of a Swiss farmer’s claimed encounter with beings from the Pleiades star system, was the initial inspiration for my involvement with UFO research.

In 1980 I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet Lt. Col. [Ret.] Wendelle Stevens, who was fully involved in the Billy Meier investigation at that time…

When I first met Wendelle his excitement and enthusiasm for this case were genuine and infectious. Wendelle was a meticulous researcher and based on the wealth of evidence gleaned from Meier and multiple witnesses it appeared that he was on top of the most authentic UFO contact case of all time; definitive proof of an extraterrestrial reality.

So of course I was more than delighted to offer my skills as an artist to illustrate the Meier UFO experience.

Billy Meier’s Story

Beginning in 1975 A Swiss farmer named Eduard “Billy” Meier gained global notoriety by claiming that alien visitors deliberately ‘posed’ their space ships for him to photograph! As well, he reported multiple contacts with human looking UFO pilots who told him they came from the Pleiades star system--500 light years from Earth.

According to Meier, these Pleiadian cosmonauts chose NOT to reveal themselves on a grand public scale—but instead their discrete Switzerland visit was merely to demonstrate to Meier himself that humans of Earth are “…not the ONLY rational, thinking beings alive in the universe.”

Meier’s tale of a captivating girl named Semjase visiting from outer space bore all the idyllic charm of James Hilton’s book, Lost Horizon. Only in this case, rather than a utopian culture hidden in the lofty Himalayas, an extraterrestrial ‘Shangri-La’ exists in the distant stars of the Pleiades.

And yet despite this story’s innocent appeal, it has sparked an international firestorm of swirling controversy. Along with his claim of extraterrestrial contact, Meier shared a collection of the most spectacular UFO photographs ever produced, along with the claim that the Pleiadians actually posed their ships for him capture on film!  Pictures this good could only be hoaxed.

After this story hit the newswires a team of American investigators led by retired Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, flew to Switzerland to examine Meier’s story firsthand. 

Based on the sheer volume of evidence gathered by Wendelle and his research team including, multiple eyewitness testimonies, metal samples, sound recordings, and photographic analysis, it appeared that the most definitive extraterrestrial contact case in human history was at hand! The implications were staggering.

But was this story welcomed by the world in a spectacular news media event? NO…!

The reaction was just the opposite. In many instances the story was met with fanatic hostility. Despite all the compelling evidence to support Meier’s claims, a determined campaign to effectively reduce this case to a ‘non-event’ seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Meier was ultimately dismissed as the most elaborate UFO hoaxer of all time, a tainted reputation that dumped his grand tale into the anecdotal dustbin of “urban legends”—further discrediting the whole UFO issue as absurd crackpot nonsense.

However, authentic or not, the social reactions precipitated by the Meier controversy are a goldmine of exopolitical study, bringing into sharp focus the question of our contemporary human society’s actual readiness to deal with an extraterrestrial reality.

To this day the Billy Meier UFO case remains one of the worlds’ most controversial and perplexing UFO mysteries. Was Eduard “Billy” Meier actually visited by extraterrestrials, or did this one-armed, night watchman, living on a government pension, riding the Swiss countryside on a tiny mo-ped stage the greatest UFO hoax of all time?

This tale has virtually polarized the UFO research community. Its supporters are as passionate as its debunkers. And yet to this day neither side has provided a definitive verdict to this enigma, one way or the other. But the interminable wrangling continues…


          But according to Meier, the interminable wrangling over the authenticity of this case was deliberately intended. Meier’s contact notes reveal the Pleiadian mission was a ‘PSYOP’; a psychological operation intended to alter the ‘world-view perceptions’ of Earth humanity—a subtle, soft-touch operation engineered to gently introduce the idea or ‘meme’ that the humans on our planet are “…not the ONLY rational, thinking beings alive in the universe.”

As such, they could impart only enough evidence to ‘suggest’ the reality of their presence--evidence that in itself was neither definitive nor conclusive. Providing absolute proof of their reality would have violated the Pleiadian ‘Prime-Directive’ of non-interference with developing planetary cultures. The Meier contact was deliberately crafted in such a way that each individual Earth human could accept or reject the idea of an extraterrestrial reality rather than having such an idea arbitrarily imposed upon them.

Of course lack of definitive proof left Meier’s story vulnerable to a bitter barrage of attacks from multiple sources promoting an opposing PSYOP—psychological operation—to staunchly deny the existence of extraterrestrials. But the opposition as well lacked definitive proof that Meier’s Pleiadian encounter was fully a fraud, leaving these two opposing views locked in stalemate.     

“Nothing Out of the Ordinary Exists”

So whether a Pleiadian PSYOP or government PSYOP the inconclusive evidence of this case provides sufficient plausible deniability to serve both interests.


One of the clever protocols of so-called ‘UFO research’ is to use any flaw found in a UFO case as an excuse to debunk the entire case. As with Billy Meier, discovery of a fuzzy snap-shot of a crude flying saucer model in his possession was sufficient circumstantial evidence to brand all of his photographs as suspended models.

However, computer analyst Jim Dilettoso’s skilled digital examination of at least one of Meier’s photos confirmed the unknown ‘object’ in the picture to be as large as 21 feet in diameter—certainly not a model.

Digital photo examination protocols developed by Dilettoso specifically for the Meier case were later adopted as standard forensic photographic procedures in professional law enforcement investigations.

According to Gary Kinder in his investigative report on the Meier case entitled “Light Years”, investigators Tom Welch and Lee Elders detected a radiation field around landing tracks left by an alleged Pleiadian ‘beamship’ to also measure approximately 20 feet in diameter.

As well, the investigating team took every opportunity to search all through Meier’s house and farm buildings looking for models, suspension equipment and photo lab but they found nothing.

Meier’s pictures were processed at a photography shop in the nearby village of Wetzikon. The shop owner, Willy Bar, at first skeptical of Meier’s claims eventually confided “I don’t know about UFOs, but the pictures are real.”

Responsible research would argue that even if only one photograph can be determined authentic you have a legitimate unidentified-flying-object case; proof that particular machines flying around in terrestrial airspace cannot be accounted for.

This same issue had surfaced a decade earlier with the notorious George Adamski UFO contact case. On February 26, 1965 Madeline Rodeffer, in the presence of Adamski, captured a large unidentified object on 8mm movie film hovering in the trees near her home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Rodeffer’s pictures were also labeled frauds; models suspended by wires. But once again professional examination of the 8mm footage by film specialist William Sherwood at Kodak labs confirmed the UFO image to be a large object photographed at some distance from the camera. But of course Adamski’s claims of visitation by friendly Venusians also earned him reputation as a fraud.

Once the label of ‘hoax’ has been branded upon any particular UFO investigation, no matter if contains the least fragment of solid verification, the stigma remains permanent; the baby is always thrown out with the bathwater!


 “Nothing was found in examination of the print which would cause me to believe that the object in the photo was anything other than a large object photographed at some distance from the camera.”

[Neil Davis, Design Technology labs, contracted with General Dynamics and the U.S. Navy]

"In the photographs there were no sharp breaks where you could see it had been somehow artificially dubbed. And if that dubbing was registered in the film the computer would have seen it. We didn't see anything."

[Eric Eliason, computer research scientist for U.S.G.S. who developed software for processing NASA's VIKING and VOYAGER photographs.]

"I find the photographs themselves credible, they're good photographs. They appear to represent a real phenomenon. They're reasonable evidence of something. What that something is, I don't know."

[Dr. Michael Malin, professor of Planetary Sciences Arizona State University, employed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs.]

"From a photography standpoint, you couldn't see anything that was fake about the Meier photos. That's what struck me. They looked like legitimate photos. I thought, God, if this is for real, this is going to be really something".

[Robert Post, head of photo lab NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs.]


“… I also remember seeing a shot on the Super-8 reel that showed a UFO circling around a fairly tall tree. According to that shot, we said that we can't conclusively say whether it's real or not, but it seemed impossible to stage that kind of a shot with a miniature, it would have to be hanging on a very tall crane, with wires - but even then the movements would be hard to achieve.”

“So, yes, in regards to that shot, we mentioned that we could definitely do it today with CG, but at the time these were supposedly shot - it would have been very hard, probably even impossible, to fake this kind of shot."

[Volker Engel, Marc Weigert - Academy Award-winners, Special Effects for "Independence Day"]


So, were models used in the Meier investigation? Certainly, and at least one was supplied by special effects professional Wally Gentleman for the expressed purpose of comparative photo-analysis with Meier’s originals.  Wally Gentleman was noted for his work on Stanley Kubrick’s classic film: “2001: A Space Odyssey”.


“If someone is faking them [the Meier UFO photos] they have an expert there… if the expert knowledge isn’t there, this has got to be real. If the photographs were a ‘cheat’, they were superbly cheated, but I don’t think they were. This Meier really had to have a fleet of clever assistants, at least fifteen people… a single man with one arm, if indeed he was on his own, could not have done it. I think it would be well-nigh miraculous for a person even with two arms to do that sort of work by himself up on a mountaintop… If somebody wanted me to cheat something along those lines, $30,000 would probably do it, but this is in a studio where equipment exists. The equipment would cost an extra $50,000.”

It would seem that if it was so easy for a one-armed man with a limited budget and poor quality equipment to stage such an elaborate hoax, producing such high quality pictures, that a rash of copy-cat hoaxers with better equipment, better financing and no physical handicaps would have produced a veritable flood of compelling UFO photographs in all the years since 1975.  And yet after forty years Meier’s pictures remain the best UFO pictures ever taken.


Born in 1937, Eduard Albert Meier himself is a curious enigma. With little more than a sixth grade education Meier over time gained a reputation as a truant, a vagabond, a soldier of fortune and an ashram ascetic. Although born to a middle class Swiss family Meier’s life could hardly be considered ‘conventional’. From childhood he claimed being ‘tutored’ by extraterrestrials.

In later years he traveled extensively in the middle-east and India. In 1965 a bus collision in Turkey crushed his left arm which had to be amputated below the elbow. While on his travels he met and married a Greek girl Kalliope with whom he later fathered three children.

Eventually he resettled with his family in Hinwil, Switzerland where they lived a meager existence on his disability pension and wages as a night watchman.

But Meier was still viewed with curiosity and suspicion by his conservative Swiss neighbors. He seemed to harbor unconventional ideas about philosophy, spirituality and life in outer space. As well he was noted riding off on his moped at odd hours both day and night, or just gazing mysteriously with his binoculars into the night sky.  

Finally in 1975 Meier revealed to his wife Kalliope a collection of photographs he had taken earlier that year; photographs of UFOs. Angered, she accused her husband of wasting their precious income on nonsense. But eventually those foolish photographs would gain Eduard Meier global notoriety.

Theirs was not a particularly blissful marriage from the start but the disruption of their lives by her husband’s notoriety, inundation of their home by curiosity seekers from all over the world, not to mention Billy’s romps across the galaxy with a beautiful female cosmonaut, was more than Kalliope could bear. She sued for divorce in 1995.

Thanks to public attention and financial support gained from his contactee reputation Meier was able to purchase a dilapidated farm property near Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. Meier at least earns commendation for his diligent, industrious efforts to turn a nearly worthless rural property into a functional productive farm; a sanctuary—named The Semjase Silver Star Center and home to the FIGU, an acronym for the learning center established for sharing Pleiadian teachings.

In the late 1980s Meier withdrew from public spotlight of his contact experiences to promote the teachings of the extraterrestrials themselves.

He believed it was the meaning of the Pleiadian ‘message’ that, in the long run, would prove of far greater value than ‘razzle-dazzle’ UFO snapshots. And Meier’s alien mentors assured that people all over the world would be touched and inspired by the teachings he imparted. As such Meier established his own publication business, a cottage industry generating sustaining income for the Silver Star Center.

However, over time as the FIGU organization gained more autonomous influence the character of the ‘message’ became less ‘Pleiadian’ and more ‘authoritarian’, perhaps a reflection of Meier’s own stern ‘Austrian’ nature; a pseudo-dogma resembling yet another monolithic religion, which the Pleiadians themselves scrupulously warned against. 

They feared humans would once again simply worship them as ‘saviors’, a tragic psychological setback whereby “…the human beings on Earth would again fall in their beliefs and remain retarded in evolution.” It was far more important for “…Earth human beings to become self-supporting, to think in their own way and to begin acting in a right manner.” 


Of course it cannot be denied that Meier generously embellished his contact claims with obviously spurious photographs as well. The original Wendelle Stevens investigation revealed Meier carelessly kept all of his UFO photographs—model shots included--in an old shoe-box under his bed.

As well Meier was under constant pressure from his FIGU followers for more UFO pictures, which very likely he supplied with fake dinosaur, space men and TV star photographs—all claimed to be taken during his jaunts with the space brothers. This curious, cavalier indifference to his own credibility has played perfectly into the hands of his zealous debunkers. 

Yet overall Meier had neither the education the resources, or the intellectual capacity to produce the extraordinary volume of sophistication of scientific and philosophical knowledge that are expressed throughout his contact notes.


Of course Billy Meier credits the primary source of his extraordinary knowledge was a female cosmonaut from Pleiades star system, named Semjase, and while such a claim may be fiction, even as fiction, his story is well crafted. The contact notes reveal his female mentor as a very clearly defined character.

Amid the pages of his notes Meier expresses an obvious infatuation with this girl, but demure, detached Semjase was not to be underestimated, this delicate blue-eyed lass, was a formidable intellect. Aside from being a skilled star-pilot, she was master of multiple scientific and sociological disciplines. In fact, she had spent the equivalent of ten years specifically studying Earth sociology just to prepare herself for the Meier contact.

Pleiadian life-spans average 1000 years, so at a youthful 300 years of age, Semjase’s education was already the equivalent of numerous doctoral studies.

This alleged ‘fictional’ character, Semjase, far more than Billy Meier himself has come to represent the iconic global perception of Pleiadian culture. Her insights express an appealing metaphysics that more recently sound like solid Quantum physics; sophisticated science that gives this story a ring of compelling authenticity…   

          “Above everything stands one force alone. We call it the CREATION. It regulates the laws over all--the life and death of everything in the universe, because it is everything in the universe.

Real spirituality comes from the understanding of the laws of nature—the natural working of cause and effect—each contributing to, and sharing with all. When you indulge in ritual and ceremony, real spirit pines away until it is gone.

 A spiritually developed being, as a part of creation, acknowledges creation in all things, even the smallest microbe, and leading a creative life causes fears and doubts to vanish like rain before the sun...wisdom is the mark of a human who has recognized the existence of his spirit and works with it according to the Creational laws…”        

Semjase also stated:

“…One can never identify God separately from creation because God itself is a part of it…”

Quantum physicist, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf states:

“At a fundamental level that is even difficult to observe, there’s one God-self--One God-self that is ALL of us. We grow from that. The whole universe grew from it, and each of the separate personalities that appeared, have grown from it with the illusion that each one is a separate individual. But actually, we’re all from the same tree.”

Or, as Dr. John Hagelin states:

“We are really united at our core. And ultimately the understanding that’s emerging will be that there is only ONE universal consciousness in this room, and it is you, and it is me, and it is each and every one of us.


While it remains impossible to prove whether Billy Meier’s story is fact or fiction, the original investigation validated enough of Meier’s evidence to at least warrant consideration of what the Pleiadian messages had to reveal…

And from the perspective of Exopolitics, this UFO case offers a challenging evaluation of our terrestrial human society from an extraterrestrial point of view…

 “It is a known fact on many worlds, that the Earth human being defies [real] spiritual growth and develops himself only within gross materialism… a material being identifies himself with his body, his possessions and goods, his utterances and the sound of his voice.”

“Your politicians and scientists are absolutely irresponsible creatures, from whom in any case, the power ought to be replaced by reasonable and responsible forces.”

“Without exception, all Earth governments are made up of human beings for which power hunger and an avid thirst for profits are characteristic… they only want, under cover of peace and friendship, to occupy our ray-ships, to exercise absolute rule over the Earth.”

 “Religion is only the primitive work of human beings, in purpose to lead them, to suppress them, and for exploitation, into which only spiritually deficient life can fall…”

“Religions, in the meaning that they exist on Earth, are then unique in this Universe, and they find no equal. They control the Earth human and the whole planet… Every Spiritual evolution is blocked by these religions and finds no progress.”

 “…At the present time [Earth] is already experiencing the pains of destruction itself.

This is to understand the way that the Earth human-being exploits his planet and robs from it its fundamental life force when he deprives it of its oil, gas and the different ores.

The effect of this is that the Earth suffers shifts inside… because the Earth is slowly breaking down into itself. …Earth is already hurt so much inside and out that she roars up.... Whole countries will sink down into the sea, and numerous human beings will find an evil end.”

Case investigator Wendelle Stevens, keenly aware how Earth societies would regard the Pleiadian message as a threat to established authority, further explained the purpose of the ‘Pleiadian mission’ was to “…expose politics as an outgrowth of early religions, and to show that it should be recognized for the tool of enslavement that it really is.” Such a stance, of course, made Meier appear to be an “anti-Religionist”, “anti-Capitalist, anti-Communist, anti-Fascist and anti-political…no lack of enemies indeed.”

No wonder such a massive effort by the Established Order was rallied to fully discredit Meier as well as his Pleiadian mentors…!


The Billy Meier UFO investigation was never fully resolved, only abandoned. But expanded UFO research since 1980 has uncovered extraordinary new data that casts the Pleiades Contact Case into a radically different light that makes further investigation well worth consideration.

The national ‘Flying Saucer’ fascination emerged in the United States over the years immediately following World War II and the general consensus agreed that such ‘unidentified flying objects’ were from outer space since they displayed flight characteristics unmatched by known aircraft technologies. 

And yet over time, subsequent documentation has revealed that the German engineers of the Third Reich were in fact testing circular flying machines during the war.  

In the early 1950's a California man named George Adamski photographed a UFO remarkably similar to German design. Later, Adamski claimed to have contact with a 'Nordic'-looking extraterrestrial near Desert Center, California, who claimed to be from the planet Venus.

Photographs and films of the alleged ‘Venusian scout-craft’ revealed a machine virtually identical to a German disc called the “Haunebu II”. Although Adamski was later debunked as a fraud, reports of UFOs identical to the 'Venusian scout-ship' continued to surface world-wide.

At the very heart of the Nazi flying saucer legend was a striking beauty named, Maria Orsic. This gifted medium was leader of the secret Vril Society, and allegedly made psychic contact with an off-world civilization offering ‘alternative’ free-energy technology which the German Secret Societies were actively seeking.

Near the end of the war as Germany was being overrun by Allied Armies, Maria Orsic sent a cryptic message to all members of the Vril Society, simply stating "None are staying here." Since April 1945 the psychic medium Maria was never seen or heard from again…


But then in 1975, thirty years after the disappearance of the Vril society leaders, Billy Meier claimed to have contact with a girl from the 'Pleiades', who bore the pseudonym, "Semjase"and a striking resemblance to Maria Orsic from 1919. This space girl also wore long blonde hair, spoke in fluent Austrian-German and candidly shared comprehensive knowledge about the German saucer projects of the Third Reich. Were Semjase's ‘beamships’ actually modern versions of the old Haunebus?

And within the pages of Meier’s contact notes; “Messages from the Pleiades, Vol.1”,Semjase states, “…The building of such [Earth flying saucers] is not new, because the first of this sort had been designed and were under construction in your year 1941.  The order for this was given by a leader of your Second World War--Adolf Hitler.” 

 “…Many observations of flying discs and kidnappings are of Earth origin.  Of that Earthmen should be conscious, as their pilots are well aware that they will be assumed to be of extra-terrestrial origin. This knowledge is used by them when they announce to any credulous witness that they are extra-terrestrials.”

So we see in the UFO: Contact from the Pleiades case levels of complexity that even after forty years render this an invaluable chapter in the ongoing study of Exopolitics.

It would seem the easiest way to discredit the Billy Meier UFO case would be to examine the practical feasibility of the Pleiadian science described within the pages of Meier’s contact notes; technologies such as anti-gravity propulsion, teleportation and inter-stellar space travel. If such fanciful claims cannot be matched by hard science then further discussion of the Meier case is simply academic.

But on close examination we discover comparable terrestrial technologies have in fact been under development at least since World War II.

The fundamental science of free energy and interstellar space travel was fully described by Nikola Tesla in a New York Times article as early as 1908. Pleiadian anti-gravity levitation comparable to Tesla’s torsion physics effects are readily demonstrated in Meier’s movie films.

In 1995 Aerospace engineer Ben Rich revealed defense contractors have mastered Tesla’s technologies and achieved interstellar flight capability.

In 2001 the National Science Foundation announced plans, in what Newt Gingrich called, “The Age of Transitions”; for a vast scientific research program to develop robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, life extension, brain enhancement, virtual reality, genetic engineering, and even… TELEPORTATION—All practical sciences described within Meier’s contact notes twenty years earlier.

The Pleiadians stated the 500 light-year transit time to Earth took roughly eight hours. McDonnell/Douglas aerospace engineer David Froning confided to case investigators Wendelle Stevens and Lee Elders practical means for ‘trans-luminal’ flight systems comparable to those of the Pleiadians were being researched. Froning further offered estimation of ‘trans-luminal’ flight time between earth and a star system comparable to the Pleiades to be roughly eight hours, which matched Semjase’s “hyper-Leap” or ‘Big-Jump’ transit time from her home planet to Earth.

Obviously for a one-armed Swiss farmer with little more than a sixth-grade education to share such sophisticated scientific knowledge unavoidably attracted the attention of national intelligence agencies…


During the early 1960s chronic UFO activity over central Europe and Soviet Russia had nearly provoked nuclear missile exchange on multiple occasions.  NATO defense commanders ordered a Top Secret study be launched to determine the threat potential of these unidentified intruders. The study confirmed that planet Earth was in fact under surveillance by multiple off-world civilizations. While serving at NATO headquarters at that time Command Sgt. Major, Robert O. Dean had access to this study report and has since revealed its conclusions…


“An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe” [Published 1964]


“The Planet Earth and apparently the entire human race is and has been the subject of an extensive, intensive and massive survey and examination by several extraterrestrial civilizations.

This survey has been extremely thorough and detailed.

These civilizations have demonstrated not only high intelligence but an extremely advanced technology that may be possibly hundreds if not thousands of years beyond ours.

Evidence collected and studied by this report indicates that apparently there is some kind of process or plan unfolding.

They continually demonstrate that the development of some kind of program is underway.

Evidence in this report leads to the conclusion that this survey has been going on for a very long time; possibly several thousands of years.

Military intelligence analysis has concluded there did NOT appear to be a major military threat involved.

The conclusions seemed to indicate that if they were either malevolent or hostile there was absolutely NOTHING that we could do at that time.

NATO and SHAPE policy dictates that an ongoing study be continued by the various military committees and that as many resources as possible by the major powers be committed to this matter.

This entire subject is considered to be of the highest importance and extremely sensitive. This committee recommends that the highest level of classification be placed upon this matter, if approved by SACEUR [Supreme-Allied-Commander-Europe] to be at least COSMIC or above COSMIC TOP SECRET.”

By 1980 the Billy Meier contact case publically confirmed what was secretly contained in the NATO assessment; that extraterrestrial civilizations were in fact actively studying Earth civilizations--as well as making random contact with various earth humans—Billy Meier included.  

Curiously, just three years later, President Ronald Reagan proposed creation of a space-based weapons shield to protect the United States from any potential Soviet nuclear missile strike--tagged “Star-Wars”. But the question remains, was Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative actually designed, not so much to protect the American population from harm, but rather to protect the ruling economic elite from loss of political authority. Was the real message of SDI…

ET Stay Home…!”

And later in 1992 during the famous STS-48 Space Shuttle mission downlinked video footage seems to reveal that just such weapons had been deployed and were fully engaged against “unidentified” intruders. 

Reagan’s Star Wars initiative must have been a success for according to Meier the Pleiadians abandoned their Earth bases just three years later in early 1995.

As well, President Reagan on multiple occasions publically sounded the alarm for rallying global unification against menacing alien invaders…

“But, I’ve often wondered what if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by a power from another planet.”

“Wouldn’t we all of a sudden find that we didn’t have any differences between us at all, …that we were all human beings, citizens of the world and wouldn’t we come together to fight that particular threat?”

[President Ronald Reagan: From a speech with President Mikhail Gorbachev, in 1988]

But engaging stories of a simple one-armed Swiss farmer hobnobbing with friendly cosmonauts from the stars would simply not serve the ‘Alien Menace’ PSYOP spin.

As such “UFO: Contact from the Pleiades” and Billy Meier came under serious intelligence agency scrutiny.

And within the pages of Wendelles Stevens’ two-volume Pleiadian Investigation Report he shares just how closely his own research team was monitored by the CIA…

“We were stopped in different countries en-route to and from Switzerland, and were interrogated and sometimes given instructions by one service, and then again differently by another…”

Stevens and his fellow investigators Lee and Brit Elders were followed by a range of intelligence agencies during their visits to Switzerland in the late 1970s and 1980s. Pre-briefings and debriefings, which took place mainly in London, could stretch for days and were dominated by discussions with a senior CIA officer who maintained a secure, sealed- off section of a London hotel. 


Stevens further revealed,

 “Every time we visited the Meier farm a military strongpoint was set up on the hill just above the Meier house looking right down into the family living room.” As well, visits to alleged landing sites were often shadowed by observer planes monitoring the movements of Wendelle’s team. 

In addition, written exchange to Wendelle from an anonymous “FRIENDLY SPOOK” candidly shared additional facts about the CIA’s Meier inquiries; “The American investigation was of the light touch variety, meaning use no force, make no scars, and leave no traces of the investigation; which is to say play tourist, pack a camera and take a lot of pictures, tell a lot of lies and ask a lot of questions.”

“…in the early days if you showed up at Billy’s place knowing enough manners… it was possible to get all the UFO information desired from Billy and be treated as a respected guest.”

“The way we got copies of Billy’s pictures was by paying off the man who handled the film processing for Billy. The man simply ordered a second set of pictures for us and a second copy of the negatives at an attractive profit, and the man often had copies made for himself.”


Intelligence agencies are mandated to serve the political interests of the managing international power elite. Clearly if the established power brokers of our world cannot control the ETs, they must control the ‘public perception’ of ETs. Control spin, managed by the global intelligence community, is designed to always keep public perception in the ruling elite’s grip.

Kal Korff, notorious Billy Meier debunker and author of Spaceships from the Pleiades”, was recruited by agency operative William Moore [a publically confessed disinformation agent for the CIA] to infiltrate Meier’s study group.

In his book, Korff describes his undercover attempt at visiting the Semjase Siver Star Center in Switzerland with the intent of exposing Meier as a fraud possessing UFO models with which he hoaxed his famous photos. Billy Meier did, in fact, have models of UFO beamships but models made for Jim Dilettoso’s computer analysis comparisons with the original photographs.

Kal Korff’s cunning efforts were sufficient to splash enough muddy water on the Meier case to effectively satisfy the psyops debunk program. But over the years it seems as a rule of thumb, the legitimacy of any UFO case appears to be in direct proportion to the intensity of the establishment’s efforts to debunk it.



Promising to expose the real “truth” about UFOs, an unprecedented television special entitled “UFO COVER-UP? LIVE” was aired simultaneously in the United States and the Soviet Union in October 1988. This program promised an open and unbiased examination of the UFO issue, yet at the outset, congenial host, Mike Farrell, from the popular “M*A*S*H” TV series, summarily dismissed the famous Billy Meier/Pleiadian contact case as a complete hoax, without offering viewers the least shred of evidence pro or con to draw their own conclusions.

Instead, Farrell proceeded to introduce a “disclosure” of sorts about the Zeta-Reticulum Grays, which obviously was the primary focus of the show. Two informants purported to be government intelligence operatives introduced as “Falcon” and “Condor”, filmed in shadow and with their voices electronically masked, portrayed the Zeta/Grays as virtually the only extraterrestrials worthy of public attention.

The simultaneous broadcast of this program in both the United States and the Soviet Union suspiciously demonstrated high-level government collusion in its production.

Clearly “UFO COVER UP LIVE” was a commercial of sorts to sell the Gray Aliens to the American and Soviet people, with an obvious sub-text that the Grays had “favored-nation” status with our government’s intelligence establishment.

Curiously, the following year 1989 a whistle-blower physicist named Bob Lazar went public to reveal he worked on a captured extraterrestrial vehicle at S-4, the top-secret Nevada test site, which looked distinctly similar to one of the Pleiadian beamships photographed by Eduard Meier ten years earlier.

Identified by Lazar as the “Sport Model”, he claimed the propulsion used by this flying disc was the amplified nuclear force of exotic alien-element 115 which generated “Space-Time Compression.” 

However, Lazar emphasized the “Sport Model” disc was not flown by friendly Pleiadians but piloted instead by Zeta Reticulan Grays, the ET ‘stars’ of “UFO Cover-up Live”.

Ensuing promotion of Lazar’s story and even marketing of “Sport Model” saucers seemed yet another ploy to further marginalize public acceptance of a Pleiadian reality. 

Pleiadians claimed to use ‘tachyon’ beam-drive propulsion systems, which are already known in outline form to our scientific community as light-emission and tachyon drives. But allegedly during the Second World War German engineers had devised an anti-gravity propulsion system called the “Thule-Tachyonator”, which draws yet another curious link between Nazi saucer projects and the 1975 Pleaidian contact case.




Ultimately it is not our intent with this essay to validate Meier’s claims of extraterrestrial visitation. That responsibility lies in the hands of the Pleiadians themselves.

His story will stand or fall on its own merit over the natural course of time, but rather our intent has been to provide perhaps a broader view of this contact case by sharing additional facts that have been neglected or overlooked since 1975 and to preserve those anecdotal fragments before they too are lost in the fog of time…

Moreover our intent has been to offer honor and tribute to the extraordinary efforts of my friend Wendelle Stevens and his original 1976 investigations which shared “UFO: Contact from the Pleiades” with the rest of the world.

Sadly after forty years the Meier case still reveals an Exopolitical tragedy, that Earth humanity remains incapable of open, honest, forthright discussion of an extraterrestrial reality. This subject remains stubbornly haunted by suspicion, ridicule, deceit and political skullduggery. Which ultimately leads to the most vital unanswered question of all regarding UFO secrecy… what agencies or corporate interests might be served by discrediting legitimate claims of Extra-Terrestrial contact? What groups have the means and the motives to make claims of interstellar space travel, free-energy propulsion, or contact with more advanced ET civilizations sound like ludicrous poppycock?


“The suppression of UFO phenomena is hand in hand with the suppression of so-called free energy.” [Adam Trombly]

“The energy is extracted from the fabric of the space around us which means it cannot be metered. That is a direct threat to the single largest industry in the world—energy. Its goodbye Exxon-Mobile, goodbye oil, goodbye coal, goodbye linear transmission of electricity through power lines; all that gone. Unfortunately it’s someone’s two-hundred trillion dollar piggy-bank. The proven oil and gas and coal reserves are worth north of two-hundred trillion dollars. This information coming out would completely change geopolitical power more than anything since, well in recorded human history, and it would happen in a generation.”

[Dr. Steven Greer: “Thrive” Clear Compass Media Production 2011]



“The only thing limiting the progress of the Earth-human, is the Earth-human himself”
~ Semjase



The content of this blog strictly expresses my own opinions and observations of the Meier UFO contact case based on my association with the original investigator Wendelle Stevens. My illustrations of the Pleiades contact case were specifically created as visual supplements to Wendelle’s research.
I have never made direct personal association with Eduard Meier, nor do I entertain any personal affiliation to Meier’s study group otherwise known as the FIGU. As well, I have absolutely no personal affiliation with Michael Horn, who claims to be the FIGU’s official American spokesman, nor do I endorse any of Michael Horn’s opinions or video programs regarding the Meier UFO case.
Jim Nichols

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