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Wendelle Stevens and the Billy Meier UFO Contact Investigation

“The most convincing UFO case of all time.”

Wendelle Stevens: Retired USAF Lt. Col. Combat Pilot WWII, Foreign Aircraft specialist, served at Wright-Patterson AFB Air Technical Intelligence Command Center, also served at Ft. Richardson Alaska Sept. 1947 with B-29 North Pole Reconnaissance mission.

In later years he became a UFO investigator accumulating the world’s largest UFO photograph collection, based in Tucson and was listed as photo consultant to APRO [Aerial Phenomena Research Organization].

Lou Zinsstag; UFO Researcher/publisher in Basel, Switzerland and niece of Carl Jung originally introduced Stevens to the Billy Meier UFO photographs in 1976.

Though she was vague about their content, Zinsstag had twelve photographs she wanted Stevens to see; and instead of sending them by mail as she had often done in the past, she wanted to bring them herself from Switzerland to Stevens' home in Tucson.

In early September 1976, Zinsstag flew to the United States, accompanied by Timothy Good, to meet with some of the more prominent figures in American UFOlogy, and to conduct research on George Adamski. On the prearranged day, she called Stevens from the Greyhound bus station in Tucson, and Stevens picked them up, got them checked into a motel, then drove them out to his house. They first wanted to see Stevens' UFO library, which took up an entire wall of the living room, and another wall in his small study. In addition to the 700 volumes on UFOs collected from all over the world, thirty blue binders containing Stevens' collection of nearly 3,000 UFO photographs stood side by side in three tight rows.

Briefly, they discussed various cases, but Zinsstag cut short the small talk when she pulled a folder from her satchel. As Timothy Good remembered, "Lou brought a sort of 'dossier' on Meier." Inside the folder lay a large envelope, which she opened carefully, then slid out a small stack of 5 X 7 photos. As she began laying out each photograph neatly on Stevens' dining room table, Stevens took one look and whispered, "I have nothing in my collection that even comes near the quality of these prints."


Wendelle then approached his associate APRO directors Jim and Coral Lorenzen to finance a trip to Switzerland to investigate the Meier contact firsthand, the Lorenzens were disinterested. So Wendelle ‘out-of-pocket’ paid his own fare to Switzerland to investigate Meier’s story for himself. In return the Lorenzens accused Wendelle of betraying their organization by independently investigating the Meier case.


BILLY MEIER: The Contact Case

Beginning in January 1975 near Zurich, Switzerland a handicapped, part-time security guard named Eduard “Billy” Meier responding to a compelling, “pleasant” inner voice, climbed upon his Mo-Ped motorbike and headed off to a remote nature preserve in the Swiss countryside. Eventually stopping near a clearing in the trees, Meier noticed a singing noise in the sky and looked up to see a gleaming silver disc-craft, approximately 21feet in diameter, descending from the clouds. The craft slowly hovered lower to the ground and finally landed on extended tripod legs. At first Meier approached the craft but discovered and invisible force field prevented him from getting too close so he just sat down in the grass and waited.

After a few moments, Meier could see what looked like a person approaching him from behind the craft. As this figure drew near, he could see what appeared to be a petite young woman. Her flowing hair was long and blonde and she was dressed in a close fitted, textured gray bodysuit. Without any trace of hesitation, she directly walked up to Meier and began conversing with him in his native Austrian/German dialect.

She told Meier she was from the Pleiades star cluster some 500 light-years from Earth. When he asked her name she told him her real Pleiadian name would be unpronounceable for him but that he should simply call her “Semjase”. She claimed her mission was to demonstrate that other intelligent human life existed in the universe.

“For a long time we’ve had an urge to contact someone who sincerely wants to be helpful in our mission, here and there we open such contacts with inhabitants of different worlds, but only when they have developed enough to become rational, thinking beings. Then we prepare them for the thought that they are not the only rational, thinking beings in the universe.” [Semjase]

She further explained that the additional purpose of her visit was to allow Meier to take photographs of the Pleiadian ships as proof of their existence. The first meeting lasted about an hour and twenty minutes, but was followed over the next few years by more than one hundred additional contacts. But this petite cosmonaut from the Pleiades emphasized she was not particularly ‘alien’ but more like a ‘cousin’. “According to Meier we share common ancestry, their forefathers were our forefathers. We are in a sense family.”  

While it remains impossible to prove whether Billy Meier’s entire story is fact or fiction, the original investigation validated enough of Meier’s evidence to at least warrant consideration that what the Pleiadians had to reveal was true.

Wendelle’s Team

Realizing the immense scope of the Meier case Wendelle Stevens enlisted the assistance of a private investigative team from Phoenix, AZ. Lee Elders, his wife Brit and associate Tom Welch had formed a corporate investigative company called Intercept. This trio joined Wendelle in Switzerland and began an exhaustive investigation into Billy Meier’s claims of ET contact.

Digital examination of the ‘flying machines’ Meier photographed were determined to be about twenty-one feet in diameter.  Gary Kinder in his investigative report on the Meier case entitled Light Years, states that investigators Tom Welch and Lee Elders detected a radiation field around landing tracks left by an alleged Pleiadian ‘beamship’ to also measure approximately 20 feet in diameter. As well, the investigating team took every opportunity to search all through Meier’s house and farm buildings looking for models, suspension equipment and photo lab but they found no evidence that Meier was doctoring photographs on his own.

As well the team subjected Meier to rigorous cross-examination and poly-graph lie-detector testing which indicated no deception or inconsistencies with his story.

Meier’s pictures were processed at a photography shop in the nearby village of Wetzikon, where the shop owner, Willy Bar, at first skeptical of Meier’s claims eventually confided “I don’t know about UFOs, but the pictures are real.”

Later Billy’s “Wood-pile UFO” photograph was subjected to digital computer analysis, from which Neil Davis of the Design Technology labs, contracted with General Dynamics and the U.S. Navy concluded…

“Nothing was found in examination of the print which would cause me to believe that the object in the photo was anything other than a large object photographed at some distance from the camera.”

But budget constraints precluded extensive digital photo-analysis on Meier’s UFO photographs so not all were tested, but those that were passed as authentic.   

Considering the 8-mm movie footage that Meier also shot, Academy Award winning Special effects designers Volker Engel, Marc Weigert who worked on the film Independence Day both agreed that in 1975 lacking sophisticated computer graphics faking the kind of UFO flights as Meier did on an 8-mm home movie camera would be virtually impossible. 

“… I also remember seeing a shot on the Super-8 reel that showed a UFO circling around a fairly tall tree. According to that shot, we said that we can't conclusively say whether it's real or not, but it seemed impossible to stage that kind of a shot with a miniature, it would have to be hanging on a very tall crane, with wires - but even then the movements would be hard to achieve.”

“So, yes, in regards to that shot, we mentioned that we could definitely do it today with CG, but at the time these were supposedly shot - it would have been very hard, probably even impossible, to fake this kind of shot."


“The team had shown the Meier material to a variety of experts in an attempt to learn if any of it could be duplicated. They estimated it would require expertise in at least a dozen different fields including metallurgy, astronomy, ancient history and psychology. The panel concluded it would take over ten-thousand man-hours and cost an excess of one million dollars to duplicate the evidence Meier had; and that the computer could still spot any fabrication.”  [From the documentary Contact

Essentially the team concluded Meier lacked the education, intellect as well as financing to perpetrate such an elaborate hoax.

After several years and numerous visits to the Meier farm which included rigorous cross examination of Meier himself—including Lie-Detector tests—the team determined that at least based on examination of eye-witness testimony combined with physical evidence in hand that Meier’s claims appeared to be legitimate.  And that was the limit of what their efforts could validate. Meier’s tales of travels and interaction with Pleidian cosmonauts was totally subjective and impossible to prove.


Born in 1937, Eduard Albert Meier himself is a curious enigma. With little more than a sixth grade education Meier over time gained a reputation as a truant, a vagabond, a soldier of fortune and an ashram ascetic. Although born to a middle class Swiss family Meier’s life could hardly be considered ‘conventional’. From childhood he claimed being ‘tutored’ by extraterrestrials in preparation for his “Mission” in later life.

In later years he traveled extensively in the middle-east and India, where he claimed to also have UFO encounters while living at the Asoka Ashram. 

In 1965 a bus collision in Turkey crushed his left arm which had to be amputated below the elbow. While on his travels he met and married a Greek girl Kalliope with whom he later fathered three children.

Eventually he resettled with his family in Hinwil, Switzerland where they lived a meager existence on his disability pension and wages as a night watchman.

But Meier was still viewed with curiosity and suspicion by his conservative Swiss neighbors. He seemed to harbor unconventional ideas about philosophy, spirituality and life in outer space. As well he was noted riding off on his moped at odd hours both day and night, or just gazing mysteriously with his binoculars into the night sky. 


Meier lived in a very conservative rural area of Switzerland where the local gentry would have been quick to investigate anyone staging fake UFO photographs in full view of neighborhood residents on the hillsides. But nothing of the like was reported.

Finally in 1975 Meier revealed to his wife Kalliope a collection of photographs he had taken earlier that year; photographs of UFOs. Angered, she accused her husband of wasting their precious income on nonsense. But eventually those foolish photographs would gain Eduard Meier global notoriety.

Theirs was not a particularly blissful marriage from the start but the disruption of their lives by her husband’s notoriety, inundation of their home by curiosity seekers from all over the world, not to mention Billy’s romps across the galaxy with a beautiful female cosmonaut, was more than Kalliope could bear. She sued for divorce in 1995.


However, Wendelle did consult with aerospace engineers to see if inter stellar space travel as described in Meier’s notes was even feasible. If it could be physically proven that such spaceflight was impossible then Meier’s story would be little more than anecdotal fiction. The Pleiadians told Meier the 500 light-year transit time to Earth took roughly eight hours.

Upon consulting with McDonnell/Douglas aerospace engineer David Froning, case investigators Wendelle Stevens and Lee Elders learned practical means for ‘trans-luminal’ flight systems comparable to those of the Pleiadians were actually being researched. Froning further offered estimation of ‘trans-luminal’ flight time between earth and a star system comparable to the Pleiades to be roughly eight hours, which matched Semjase’s “hyper-Leap” or ‘Big-Jump’ transit time from her home planet to Earth.

In fact, addressing an audience of astrophysicists, astronomers and engineers at a University of Arizona symposium in 1990 Froning, candidly admitted obsolete rocket science had already been replaced with;

“Modified Field” Propulsion (anti-gravity)

“Matter/Anti-matter Conversion”,

“Exotic Field Tension” (time-travel) and…

“Trans-Luminal” Flight (faster than light travel)


Stevens claimed he and his fellow investigators Lee and Brit Elders were consistently followed by a range of intelligence agencies during their visits to Switzerland in the late 1970s and 1980s. Pre-briefings and debriefings, which took place mainly in London, could stretch for days and were dominated by discussions with a senior CIA officer who maintained a secure, sealed-off section of London’s Grosvenor House hotel. 

The CIA officials claimed they found Meier’s “inner group” difficult to “infiltrate” and asked if Wendelle’s team could assist them. Uncomfortable with the request Wendelle stated that he and his team agreed not to comply.

But he added, “Every time we visited the Meier farm a military strongpoint was set up on the hill just above the Meier house looking right down into the family living room.” As well, visits to alleged landing sites were often shadowed by observer planes monitoring the movements of Wendelle and his team.


In addition, written exchange to Wendelle from an anonymous “FRIENDLY SPOOK” candidly shared additional facts about the CIA’s Meier inquiries; “The American investigation was of the light touch variety, meaning use no force, make no scars, and leave no traces of the investigation; which is to say play tourist, pack a camera and take a lot of pictures, tell a lot of lies and ask a lot of questions.”

“…in the early days if you showed up at Billy’s place knowing enough manners… it was possible to get all the UFO information desired from Billy and be treated as a respected guest.”

“The way we got copies of Billy’s pictures was by paying off the man who handled the film processing for Billy. The man simply ordered a second set of pictures for us and a second copy of the negatives at an attractive profit, and the man often had copies made for himself.”

‘Friendly Spook’ went on to state there were two women in India under surveillance who would disappear whenever Billy had a ‘contact’. Actually the Pleiadians themselves claimed they had multiple operations under way around the planet with the Billy Meier contact serving as a minor ‘Earth Sociology” project. It should be understood the Pleiadians did NOT travel 500 light years across space for the sole purpose of visiting a Swiss farmer.   

John Lear: “The Meier story was true. There’s no doubt about it. He took the pictures, he went on rides. I don’t care whether you say there were pictures of dinosaurs or the lady came out of sears magazine—that’s all contamination. The fact is it was true.”


Over time it became apparent that Meier’s contact claims had become embellished with obviously spurious photographs as well. The original Wendelle Stevens investigation revealed Meier carelessly kept all of his UFO photographs—model shots included--in an old shoe-box under his bed. As well Meier was under constant pressure from his FIGU followers for more UFO pictures, which he may have supplied with fake dinosaur, space men and TV star photographs—all claimed to be taken during his jaunts with the space brothers.

Most notorious of all is a photograph claimed to be of another female cosmonaut named “Asket” which is obviously a screen shot of a Hollywood performer named Michelle DellaFave; a singer on the Dean Martin TV show


Meier’s most vociferous debunkers stubbornly insist his UFO photographs were nothing more than suspended models, and  certainly, and at least one model was supplied by special effects professional Wally Gentleman for the expressed purpose of comparative photo-analysis with Meier’s originals.  Wally Gentleman was noted for his work on Stanley Kubrick’s classic film: 2001: A Space Odyssey.

But Wally himself defended the authenticity of Meier’s UFO photos stating,

“If someone is faking them [the Meier UFO photos] they have an expert there… if the expert knowledge isn’t there, this has got to be real. If the photographs were a ‘cheat’, they were superbly cheated, but I don’t think they were. This Meier really had to have a fleet of clever assistants, at least fifteen people… a single man with one arm, if indeed he was on his own, could not have done it. I think it would be well-nigh miraculous for a person even with two arms to do that sort of work by himself up on a mountaintop… If somebody wanted me to cheat something along those lines, $30,000 would probably do it, but this is in a studio where equipment exists. The equipment would cost an extra $50,000.”

Notorious debunker Kal Korff allegedly recruited by Bill Moore to discredit the Meier case published an extensive book Spaceships of the Pleiades in which he described how Meier could have faked his UFO photographs. However it should be noted Korff’s book was based on speculation, not hard proof. 


In the late 1980s Meier withdrew from public spotlight of his contact experiences to promote the teachings of the extraterrestrials themselves.

He believed it was the meaning of the Pleiadian ‘message’ that, in the long run, would prove of far greater value than ‘razzle-dazzle’ UFO snapshots. And Meier’s ET mentors assured that people all over the world would be touched and inspired by the teachings he imparted. As such Meier established his own publication business for what would later become known as the Semjase Silver Star Center.


Aside from hobnobbing with the “Space Brothers” Billy had a working farm to run which he managed as a full-time responsibility. So who should arrive on his doorstep one day? None other than actress Shirley MacLaine! Unimpressed, Billy was disinclined to interrupt his work routine to entertain a Hollywood movie star. So he informed Shirley if she wanted to ask him questions she’d have to help him shovel manure. And so she did.  

As Wendelle tells it she spent a week at the farm, and then went on to write her best-seller “Out on a Limb” which tells a fictional account of her investigation of a Pleiadian contact case in Peru. However years earlier Shirley had investigated a man named Charles Silva who claimed to have experienced a Pleiadian contact in the Andes of Peru in 1974, the account of which he published in a book entitled Date with the Gods.

It is reasonable to assume then that the “composite-character” she refers to as ‘David’ throughout her book as a spiritual guide is a combination of both Charles Silva and Billy Meier.

Within Silva’s published account aside sharing he was employed as a free-lance promoter for Hollywood films, he candidly admitted he also free-lanced for the CIA, which inferred a CIA link to Shirley MacLaine as well.

And, it is curious to note that over the ensuing years Brit Elders, one of Wendelle Steven’s original Billy Meier team researchers went on to work for Shirley Maclaine as Shirley’s personal web-site manager; as well, digging deeper into Shirley’s background reveals disturbing links to national intelligence agencies. Who would suspect Shirley MacLaine being a CIA asset?


Of course Billy Meier credits the primary source of his extraordinary knowledge was a female cosmonaut from Pleiades star system, named Semjase, and while such a claim may be fiction, even as fiction, his story is well crafted. The contact notes reveal his female mentor as a very clearly defined character. Amid the pages of his notes Meier expresses an obvious infatuation with this girl, but demure, detached Semjase was not to be underestimated, this delicate blue-eyed lass, was a formidable intellect. Aside from being a skilled star-pilot, she was master of multiple scientific and sociological disciplines. In fact, she had spent the equivalent of ten years specifically studying Earth sociology just to prepare herself for the Meier contact. Pleiadian life-spans average 1000 years, so at a youthful 300 years of age, Semjase’s education was already the equivalent of numerous doctoral studies

Her demeanor was cordial, yet somewhat formal and reserved. She usually had very specific teachings to impart to Meier covering multiple topics, science, astronomy, history and of course space travel. He described her uniform as a close fitting bodysuit; gray with a texture like ‘elephant-skin’. Around her waist was a row of small pockets holding silvery metallic instruments. Her collar was a metal ring to which she said a space helmet could be attached if necessary for toxic atmospheres.

She had an abiding disdain for Earth technologies which she labeled “barbaric” particularly aircraft in which she said she would never fly. However Billy did succeed in coaxing her to ride his Mo-Ped on one occasion; an experience which she seemed to enjoy immensely, in a rare moment of good natured humor.  

Over time Meier admitted a sincere affection for her.


Of course it should be noted from the outset that the Semjase’s Pleiadian team did not travel 500 light-years across space just to hob-nob with Billy Meier, she claimed they had multiple operations underway around the planet. Wendelle Stevens in a video interview described their main objectives like this:

“There were three major objectives for Semjase and her team… one of them seemed to be her attempt to get Switzerland to take the lead in trying to head-off the destruction of the ionosphere by industrial gases, by stopping the industrial processes that were producing the gases that were destroying the ionosphere. A second one had something to do with the North Sea because several times in Meier’s contact she was called away urgently and had to break off the contact in the middle of it… to head off something that was happening in the North Sea area… we suspect later she was trying to head-off the contamination of the bottom of the North Sea by Russian atomic waste dumping…  The third objective had something to do with something going on in the Yugoslav Mountains but she never would tell [Billy] what that was. But when they all three failed she and her team went on to other projects in another solar system in the end of 1982.”


Prior to World War II legend tells of a young woman in Austria named Maria Orsic who much like Billy Meier also claimed telepathic contact with extraterrestrials. This gifted medium was leader of the German Vril Society, and allegedly her channelings from this off-world civilization shared ‘alternative’ free-energy technology that the Post World War I German military was actively seeking. And from this psychic exchange the Germans were said to have developed flying saucer technology.

Near the end of the Second World War as Germany was being overrun by Allied Armies, Maria Orsic sent a cryptic message to all members of the secret Vril Society, simply stating "None are staying here”, and since April 1945 the psychic medium Maria Orsic vanished from Europe never to be seen again…

But then in 1975, thirty years after the disappearance of the Vril society leaders, Billy Meier claimed to have contact with a girl from the 'Pleiades', who bore the pseudonym, "Semjase"and a striking resemblance to Maria Orsic from 1919. This space girl also wore long blonde hair, spoke in fluent Austrian-German and candidly shared comprehensive knowledge about the German saucer projects of the Third Reich.

And within the pages of Meier’s contact notes; Messages from the Pleiades, Vol.1, Semjase states, “…The building of such [Earth flying saucers] is not new, because the first of this sort had been designed and were under construction in your year 1941.  The order for this was given by a leader of your Second World War--Adolf Hitler.” 

 “…Many observations of flying discs and kidnappings are of Earth origin.  Of that Earthmen should be conscious, as their pilots are well aware that they will be assumed to be of extra-terrestrial origin. This knowledge is used by them when they announce to any credulous witness that they are extra-terrestrials.”


 The “FIGU” Manifesto…

After investing substantial time and personal finances with nearly twenty visits to Switzerland documenting the Meier UFO contact case Wendelle and his team decided to market their findings in a series of books and films to recoup some of their expenses. But doing so precipitated a conflict as to who had copyright claim to the material. As well Billy had over 1200 pages of notes, ‘Messages from the Pleiades’ waiting to be translated for English publication. So while Billy Meier, the FIGU and investigation team members were wrangling over copyright claims, Wendelle, in spite of stated reluctance, finally published an ‘unauthorized’ four volume English language set of Meier’s contact notes, which sparked an indignant firestorm from with both Meier and the FIGU.  

(Note: This Anti-American diatribe was originally published by the Billy Meier study group, otherwise known as the FIGU in 1994 as an ‘alleged’ ‘message’ from the ‘Pleiadians’.)

“Americans have the unmitigated gall, lack of character and decency to translate Billy’s or the FIGU’s various texts into the English language without any permission or authorization whatsoever, and who falsify them using totally incorrect definitions of various words. They interweave lies, self-invented horror stories and fraudulent stories. All this is done in addition to the fact that these Americans especially have the unbelievable indecency and impertinence also to present themselves as the biggest cheats, liars, deceivers and incredibly shabby ‘scumbags’ by stealing Billy’s and the FIGU’s texts and rewriting them into new stories that are furthermore full of lies.”

Today the FIGU claims to have the only ‘authentic’ translation of Billy’s notes.


Not long after the Billy Meier story made global news a Los Angeles businessman named Randolph Winters flew to Switzerland to learn first-hand the Pleiadian saga from Meier himself. Over time Winters joined the FIGU and began the process of being groomed as the FIGU’s American ambassador. However, Winters soon became disenchanted by what he described as the FIGU’s oppressive, heavy-handed management style and so he bolted. Returning to the United States Winters launched his own independent presentations of Pleiadian studies within the national UFO lecture circuit including a comprehensive video entitle The Pleiadian Connection. This of course further antagonized Meier and the FIGU and fueled their impassioned distrust of all American UFO researchers even more.

Over the years from 1980 to 1994 it appears the Meier case has likely been compromised. Whether by intelligence agency infiltration or FIGU mismanagement, the Billy Meier UFO contact enigma has fallen into disrepute among most mainstream UFOlogy. Yet it remains one of the most outstanding and perplexing anecdotal Urban Legend mysteries in all of UFO history.


As an artist I came on board the Pleiadian investigation in 1980. I was invited to meet Wendelle Stevens at his home in the spring of that year and was immediately impressed by his professionalism, his enthusiasm, his candor as well as the vast wealth of data he had already accumulated with his Pleiadian research. 

One of the peculiarities of the Swiss contact case was that the visiting cosmonauts did not permit the farmer Billy Meier to photograph either their ships parked on the ground or the ETs themselves. Here I saw an opportunity to volunteer my skills to Wendelle’s investigation as an illustrator to fill-in this missing piece of evidence. So based on photographs in hand of the space ships coupled with Billy’s description of the extraterrestrials I fashioned a preliminary rendering of how a landed Pleidadian beamship and its pilot might look.


Sadly, the Billy Meier contact case that seemed so full of optimistic promise at the outset in 1975 had deteriorated by 1994 into a confusion of hoaxed photographs, claims and counterclaims of copyright conflicts and dissention from within Billy’s study group, not to mention an all-out media campaign to totally discredit the case. Research groups like MUFON and Open Minds steadfastly debunk the Meier case as a complete fraud.  

And Meier himself has certainly fueled the hostility to his story with outlandish, unsubstantiated claims arrogantly boasting he was the ONLY ‘legitimate’ UFO contactee on the planet and, if that was not outrageous enough, also claiming the Pleiadians had taken him back in time to meet JESUS CHRIST face to face—provocative boasts impossible to prove and infuriating to UFO researchers and the general public alike. Yet to this day both these claims are endorsed by Billy’s study group—the FIGU and their American ‘spokesman’ Michael Horn.

Meet Michael Horn/Alleged American “FIGU” Representative…

Here’s a recent sample of how Michael Horn promotes the Meier case…

“Hi friends, how are you? You think you’ve been contacted by extraterrestrials, you know “Aliens”, UFOs, angels, spirit guides, gods or other weird entities? Do you think of yourself as an “experiencer”, a “channel”, “star-seed” or a “Messenger of Light” perhaps? Do you believe in ascension—going into your “light-body”, the “Mandala Effect” or do you believe the Earth is flat? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, let me tell you you’re delusional, you’re nuts, you’ve got way too much time on your hands...

…As I say you have too much time on your hands believing in absolute garbage manufactured by a bunch of people who want to suck all the oxygen out of the room and fill your head with nonsense so you won’t find the real TRUE singly authentic BILLY MEIER UFO CONTACT!”

Does Michael Horn actually believe he can win the hearts and minds of his potential audience by insulting them?

And yet there’s a curious irony that all the desperate effort to discredit the Pleiades Contact story in the long run seems to validate at least some measure of this tale. Why would vast intelligence agencies go to such incredible lengths to debunk a case that was a fraud in the first place? What secret truth at the core of this saga is the established National Security State so frantic at all costs to keep hidden? 


Tragically on the heels of his extensive Pleiades investigation Wendelle Stevens’ personal credibility was tainted by a pedophile conviction in 1983 for which he was incarcerated for five years. It was a one-time offense for which he served four years in a minimum security facility with an additional one year in maximum security. Wendelle was released in 1988 and he resumed his UFO investigations and book publishing, but he never engaged an investigation comparable to the Billy Meier contact ever again.

First news of Wendelle’s conviction in 1983 left me utterly shocked and dismayed. Since originally meeting him in 1980 I had become fully enthralled by his Billy Meier research as well as Wendelles’ own personal credibility. From the outset, Wendelle repeatedly told me of a feature film that was in production telling the whole story of his Pleiades investigation. But after knowing him for three years suddenly Wendelle was in prison and all talk of his movie project ceased—no ‘Pleiades’ movie ever appeared in the theaters. Had I been duped? Was Wendelle really a charlatan liar? I was deeply disillusioned and angry at my own foolish gullibility.

But two years or so later Wendelle’s daughter Cece sponsored an open house to publically share a video of the completed motion picture documentary of Wendelle’s Billy Meier investigation for the first time—entitled CONTACT.

To me that film was Wendelle’s vindication. It confirmed all of the information he had personally shared with me about the Swiss UFO case. As it turned out copyright conflict skullduggery had prevented theatrical release of the film, but later independent investigator Gary Kinder retraced the Billy Meier investigation in his book Light Years, which essentially validated all of Wendelle’s original research. 

In retrospect it seemed obvious that Wendelle’s incarceration was coupled with a relentless campaign to utterly discredit the Billy Meier UFO contact case.

[Wendelle’s Incarceration: Admitted - 06-01-1983; Released - 10-11-1988]

It must be noted however that despite his prison conviction, upon his death in 2010 USAF Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens was buried with FULL MILITARY HONORS at a ceremony at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

It is interesting to note that Wendelle managed to published one of his most important UFO investigation books in 1986; UFO: Crash at Aztec, which contained a cryptic discussion on page 193 with regard to “Discrediting by Defamation”. Stevens observed that with regard to UFO investigation the government never openly charges individuals with leaking information, for such would reveal government knowledge of the UFO issue. However, sex crimes are a “most effective weapon for those charged with intelligence damage control and stopping security “leaks” no matter how they occur.”

Even today Wendelle’s reputation remains tainted in many quarters by his pedophile conviction. However, I must add that over the period of my personal association with Wendelle from 1980 until 2010, he was always a perfect gentleman and strictly professional. At no time did he speak of sex, or make derogatory sexual comments about women or children. He never so much as told me a dirty joke. The context of our association was strictly confined to UFO research.

The ONLY confession Wendelle ever shared with me was shortly before his death and after vastly more evidence of World War II German Flying Saucer construction had surfaced was his bewilderment at deciding which UFOs were extraterrestrial and which were German. When I first met Wendelle in 1980 he was convinced virtually all UFOs were from outer space, by 2010 he admitted he simply could not decide anymore…

“We are not superior beings nor are we missionaries but we feel duty bound to the humans of earth to tell them the only thing limiting the progress of the earth human is the earth human himself.”


The content of this blog strictly expresses my own opinions and observations of the Meier UFO contact case based on my association with the original investigator Wendelle Stevens. My illustrations of the Pleiades contact case were specifically created as visual supplements to Wendelle’s research.
I have never made direct personal association with Eduard Meier, nor do I entertain any personal affiliation to Meier’s study group otherwise known as the FIGU. As well, I have absolutely no personal affiliation with Michael Horn, who claims to be the FIGU’s official American spokesman, nor do I endorse any of Michael Horn’s opinions or video programs regarding the Meier UFO case.
In addition, I was not ‘commissioned’ to produce the Pleiades artwork I provided for Wendelle’s investigation—it was strictly my own voluntary contribution.

However, as of 2020 I was personally contacted, after all these years, by Mr. Eduard Meier himself who expressed his personal appreciation for the many Pleiadian UFO illustrations I painted for Wendelle’s investigation. 

Dedicated to Wendelle C. Stevens




“UFO: Contact from the Pleiades Vol. 1”

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“Light Years, UFO: Contact from the Pleiades”

Gary Kinder

Atlantic Monthly Press


“Spaceships of the Pleiades”

Kal Korff

Promethius Books


“UFO Contact from the Pleiades,

A Preliminary Investigative Report”

Wendelle Stevens,

UFO Archive Publishing


“UFO Contact from the Pleiades,

Supplimentary Investigative Report”

Wendelle Stevens

UFO Archive Publishing,




A film by Larry Saveadove

BGR Entertainment



Billy Meier and the CIA


Kal Korff Inquiry



The UFO Contactee & Experiencer Delusion [Michael Horn]


How CIA/international intelligencia oversaw the Meier ufo-contact Case


The Pleiadian Connection: Randolph Winters


Wendelle Stevens Billy Meier UFO Contacts


Wendell Stevens on Billy Meier UFO Contacts TV Show



Growing Up with Flying Saucers
The Message
Briefing Paper
The Aldebaran Mystery
Archons: Space Invaders
UFO Disclosure
The Secret Mars Colony
The Enemy Within
Secret Societies and Flying Saucers
Nibiru III: Return of the Gods
Global Control: End Game
Transhumanism: Rise of the Cyborgs
UFOs Reconsidered
The Aeon of Horus: NASA’s Occult History
Atlantis Rising
Nixon, Kennedy and the Alien Presence
UFO: Contact from the Pleiades 40th Anniversary
The "Tomorrowland" Mystery
The Final Frontier: Human Consciousness
UFOs, Nazis and Admiral Richard E. Byrd
The Occult Extraterrestrial War
Corey Goode Controversy
UFOs and the Hollywood Deception
UFOs: A Game of Perceptions
UFOs and Social Engineering
The Vatican and Space Aliens
Analysis 2001 A Space Odyssey
A.I. and Transhumanism
Aurora Texas 1897 UFO Crash
President Reagan’s ET Briefing
UFOs A Century of Secrecy
The Alien Question
Wendelle Stevens and Meier Investigation
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